During shutdown, IRS will issue tax refunds, but not audit

From Maketwatch.com

By Richard Rubin

More than half of Internal Revenue Service employees will work during the coming tax-filing season, the Treasury Department said Tuesday.

The plan dated Jan. 15 calls for 46,052 employees to work during the partial government shutdown, a large increase from the tax agency’s skeleton crew that has been in place for the past few weeks. Few of those workers will be paid.

Since the shutdown started in December, the agency has been operating under a plan that had fewer than 10,000 employees working during the shutdown, mostly to keep computers running and investigate crimes.

The IRS had been planning a significant surge in employees to prepare for and operate the first tax filing season under the 2018 tax law. The agency will begin accepting individual tax returns Jan. 28. In a reversal of past practice, the agency will issue tax refunds even if the partial government shutdown continues.

From Maketwatch.com