On time to file an extension for your 2017 Tax Return

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From Forbes.com

With just over a week to go until Tax Day (it's April 17 this year), you have a few options available if you still haven't yet filed your tax return. You can:

Call and hope to get a last-minute tax appointment; Download tax prep software and figure you'll squeeze the time to file while binge-watching Stranger Things; Rock back and forth quietly under your desk while promising to be more prepared next year; or You can join the nearly 10 million taxpayers who are expected to file for an extension. Of those choices, you're probably best filing for an extension. It just takes a few minutes, there are no special hoops to jump through, and there's no fee payable to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). And contrary to popular belief, filing for an extension isn't an audit trigger.

The IRS understands that there are a number of legitimate reasons why taxpayers may need more time to file. Whatever your reason for not being ready to file is yours. The great thing about filing for extension early on is that you don’t need to tell anyone – even the IRS - why you're making the request since the extension is granted automatically if you follow the rules.

To file for an extension, you can:

File for an extension online for free using FreeFile on IRS.gov (you can use FreeFile to e-file an extension for free even if you don't otherwise qualify to use the software); File for an extension electronically using fillable forms (you'll find the instructions here); Ask your tax preparer to file an extension for you; Use a service like File Later to file for an extension; File using tax prep software; or Complete and mail a federal form 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return (downloads as a pdf). Continue Reading Here